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Steep climbs, lush valleys, roaring waterfalls, and mysterious thickets. Vallée les Etoiles lies right in the center of the breathtaking natural grandeur of the Ardennes. Various routes for motorcycles and oldtimers snake and coil through the green hills and charming old villages. Whether you wish to come alone or with a group (up to 200 people), Vallée les Etoiles is the perfect base to plan your travels from. 

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Active on the bicycle in the Ardennes

The rugged forest roads in the Ardennes invite motorbike enthusiasts to actively explore the beautiful surroundings. The steep climbs and challenging descents will make you break a sweat, but the resulting views are absolutely worth the effort! For the leisurely motorcyclist, the wider roads past the Meuse and the quaint little towns offer a relaxing alternative.
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